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FREE New Patient Exam & X-Rays in Chula Vista, California

FREE Exam & X-Rays

My Smile San Diego Dental Center welcomes new patients. So in an effort to make it easier than ever to start receiving care, My Smile San Diego is offering FREE exam and X-rays to ALL new patients.

What Is A Dental Exam & X-Rays

Dental Exam

Dental Examinations are a visual inspection of your teeth, mouth, and surrounding tissues by one of our experienced Doctors. By scheduling consistent dental check-ups, we can catch problems when they are more easily treated. Our dental examinations include:

  • Visual evaluation for tooth decay.
  • Gum pocket measurement, we want your teeth to have a strong foundation.
  • Gum disease screening, look for any red, sore gums.
  • In oral cancer screening, we look for any abnormalities in the oral cavity.


X-rays allow us to see problems that we can’t see with our eyes alone. With modern x-rays, we are able to look at your teeth quickly and easily using significantly less radiation. We use them to look for things like internal tooth decay, cysts or tumors, impacted teeth, and teeth that have yet to come in.

3 Steps To Maintain A Healthy Smile



At your first visit you'll meet our friendly staff in our reception area who will help you check-in and fill out any necessary paperwork.



After checking-in, one of our staff members will take you to our imaging area where you'll receive x-rays and 3D panoramic imaging.


Dental Exam

One of our experienced Doctors will conduct a thorough exam and explain their findings with all your treatment options.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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